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The power of nature for all

Black To Nature is a movement to increase representation, accessibility, and inclusion in the outdoors and nature for communities of color while covering the environment and teaching about the natural world.

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Enabling access

Through community building, education, and advocacy, we aim to create a supportive network that inspires, educates, and empowers Black and Brown individuals and families to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.

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Every dollar invested helps ensure Black engagement in improved health, in the environment, and in a better quality of life.


Outdoor guides

New to adventuring outside? We’ve compiled quick tips for getting started tailored for all skill levels!

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Getting Started: Skiing

Have you ever thought of skiing or snowboarding? Those winter sports that all those ”other” people do. Have you said to yourself, well it's too difficult to go. It's too far away. It’s too expensive. It’s too hard or I’m too old. Nonsense. You too can ski. It all starts with a little homework and some patients. A little hot chocolate goes a long way too.

Getting Started: Hiking

Hiking can be an exhilarating experience, it can connect you with nature and serve as a fantastic adventure –while at the same time providing a great workout. Whether you’re setting out for an adventure in a state or national park, or you have opted for a more urban adventure, here’s...

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We want you involved!

We want you to take part in building a more equitable outdoors. Please give us your feedback and contact us for collaboration!

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A climate change forecast: rain with a chance of mosquito-borne diseases

Decades before Elizabeth Blaney, now 84, moved to St. Albans, the neighborhood was shaded yellow on maps made by the federal government. The color yellow could mean there was a high number of immigrants—or that there was a possibility of Black people moving into the neighborhood. But being coded yellow...

The Heat is Killing Us: Climate change & rising temps are increasing gun violence

Leer en español As our planet grapples with the consequences of man-made climate change and the excessive summer heat it is causing, a lesser-known repercussion is coming to light: its correlation with the uptick in gun-related incidents in America’s cities. But how exactly are rising temperatures and gun violence intertwined,...

Radical Elders plan to march during Climate Week NYC

Radical Elders (RE) will have a contingent marching at the March to End Fossil Fuels on September 17th in front of the United Nations.  RE members who spoke with the Amsterdam News say they are excited to take part in the march––and looking forward to, for the first time, physically...

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